Now is your chance to get a jump start on Learning how to Belly dance!

Now is your chance to get a jump start on Learning how to Belly dance!

In this workshop, World – Class Instructor, Namira will not only give you a GREAT physical workout, but also offer you the chance to develop a creative outlet, embrace your sensuality, increase your confidence and femininity and connect with other women in your community.
Students will learn basic belly dance technique, including posture, shimmies, isolations, undulations and traveling steps. Class will include a brief introduction to the history, context, and philosophy of belly dance, as well as a brief introduction to Middle Eastern music.

Dance is an art form that embraces change and allows us to blossom as an artist at any time in life. Whether you have been belly dancing for many years or discovered it later in life, this highly expressive style of dance lets you draw on your rich life experience to express yourself in dance.
■ Learn body awareness and proper technique
■ Receive a sense of personal accomplishment and achievement
■ Progress in creativity and emotional development within a supportive positive learning environment
■ Learn some hints to help increase flexibility
■ Learn some relaxing and fun dance combinations

All dance levels welcome.
$40 per person paid in advance. May pay by credit card, cash or check. $45 at the door based on space availabilty. Advance registration is highly encouraged.
Space is Limited and will sell out quickly.
Contact Carolan Harris to register

Note – This type of intensive workshop would usually go for $90 in most places. However, this “introduction” to the art of Belly Dance is intented to give you all the basics so you may determine if you would like to continue on this journey. It is Namira’s and my goal to bring regular Belly Dance Classes to Minden at a package or per class rate following this introduction. If you are in need of basic belly dance attire – not to worry – belly dance hip scarves will be available in advance or at the door based on supplies lasting. In any case, yoga, dance or any type of comfortable clothes you can easily move in is perfectly fine. Barefoot.

Any questions, comments, or to register please feel free to contact Carolan Harris via email, FB message, phone or text (775) 721-0810

Your space will be secured upon payment.